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Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is a type of insurance policy purchased by a borrower that pays off one or more existing debts in the event of a death, disability, or in rare cases, unemployment.

Credit insurance is marketed most often as a credit card feature, with the monthly cost charging a low percentage of the card's unpaid balance.


 Risk Protection
  • Prevents disrupting losses to one of the company’s largest, unprotected assets
  • Reduction of Risk of Key Account concentration levels
  • Caps Exposure to Bad Debt Loss
     General Loss Prevention - Information Access and Credit Management
  • Support for your Credit Risk Evaluation through third party evaluations of customers, prospects,           industries and countries
  • Provides a structure and discipline for credit decision making
  • Gain leverage over problem accounts by using underwriter’s clout and resources
     Sales Expansion
  • Expand Sales into Riskier or New Markets
  • Grow with Existing Accounts
  • Enhance a Customer Relationship
     Reduction in Bad Debt Reserves
  • Frees up Working Capital
  • Converts non-tax deductible provisions into a fully tax deductible insurance premium


     Domestic trade by Indian companies
     Export trade by Indian companies
     Large multinationals based in India
     Subsidiaries of international companies, based in      India
     Nearly all business sectors excluding Diamonds     Gems Jewellery and long term projects


     Commercial Risks
  • Insolvency
  • Protracted Default
  • Disputes are not covered
     Country Risks
  • Transfer risks – political / economic events           preventing or delaying transfer of payments
  • Government Moratorium /Exchange Controls           /Discharge of debt – government legislation           preventing release of funds or absolving           buyer's payment obligations
  • Contract Frustration – government action           preventing performance of the contract
  • Civil Turmoil – insurrection, war, natural           disaster